Alantoíne’s Recipe

The Iconic Alantoíne hand cream is an incredible cream to gel texture blending allantoin extract with glycerin. Used together with our traditional Alantoíne soap, it gives hands a total turnaround: smoother, rebalanced and protected like an invisible glove with an addictive lemon scent. Hands up for Alantoíne!

Créme de Rosto’s Recipe

Créme de Rosto is our miracle face cream and remains unchanged since 1925! Its unique blend of anti-blemish actives combined to the purifying effect of rose, gives your skin an instant rosy glow.
Dermatologically tested and approved by Portuguese Beauties. Adorável!

Gordíssimo’s Recipe

Gordíssimo’s Hand Cream, Fat Body Cream & Soap are rich and generous. They are packed with goodness, just like the original. With shea butter, vegetable paraffin and beeswax at their core, they nourish instantly all body parts craving hydration. Your skin is visibly plumper and more moisturized.

Time to show off your body!

Amélie’s Recipe

Give your hands a treat with the delicately scented Rose Amélie recipe, a tribute to Queen Amélie of Portugal, one of our very first fans, since 1935.
Combining softening argan oil and gorgeously scented roses, this hand cream sinks in like no other.
Its fellow-soap moisturizes whilst leaving your skin super soft and delicately perfumed…

Jacarandá’s Recipe

Jacarandá, is named for Lisbon’s iconic tree that covers the city with its electric lilac bloom for only a few precious days each spring.
Time to indulge in these perfumed hand cream and soap, enriched with aloe vera and shea butter. Their silky textures will leave your brand new hands with a scent to die for!
Guaranteed 100% portuguese!