Stretch Marks - Everything you need to know


When it comes to body care stretch marks are one of the main concerns. Stretch marks are like benign lesions and they have a visual impact on the appearance of the skin which no one finds pleasant. Keep reading to discover the miraculous treatment we have for you!


Why Stretch Marks Appears?

Stretch marks often appear on periods of fast gain or loss of weight, like puberty, pregnancy, and others. But, can we prevent them?

Stretch marks appear due to a disruption in skin elasticity following mechanical stress. These fibers on the skin work like a rubber band, stretching and going back to their original size. If these fibers overstretch the collagen fibers break giving origin to inflammation followed by a scarring process.

The most common areas affected include:

  • abdomen
  • breasts
  • hips
  • flank
  • buttocks
  • thighs

After some time, these bands tend to whiten and become hypopigmented, turning into scar tissue, so we need to keep in mind that at this stage it's more difficult to get a treatment that will work and vanish these scars. We would like to advise you to use treatments to prevent the appearance of stretch marks and give your skin the elasticity and moisture it needs. If you have dry skin you need to know a bit more about it to prevent this situations too.


Stretch Marks prevention

Stretch marks cannot always be prevented. However, the following steps may help to reduce the risk:

  • Maintain a healthy weight.
  • Avoid yo-yo dieting.
  • Eat a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals. Consuming a suitable amount of vitamins A and C can help support the skin, as well as the minerals zinc and silicon.
  • Aim for slow and gradual weight gain during pregnancy.
  • Drink six to eight glasses of water every day
  • Moisture your skin every day


The perfect ally to help you

This Miraculous Multi-purpose Balm helps prevent and improve the appearance of stretch marks over time and reduces the risk of developing them in the future.

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