12 Budget-friendly Gift Ideas

This Christmas season, so full of joy, magic and love, the desire to give a gift takes on even greater prominence. However, we understand that when it comes to spending, it can be quite challenging. This Christmas, immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere with our irresistible gift suggestions, because only the gesture counts!
The real magic of Christmas is in the moments shared and the bright smiles.🎁

- UNDER 15€ - 


For the lovers of the iconic citrus fragrance! Gift this duo with protective properties, perfect for this season's cold weather!
An irresistible gift to moisturize your lips under the Christmas lights. Gordissimo lip balm is made from 99% natural ingredients, for a result of lips that are nourished, moisturized and protected against the cold.
Rich as the spirit of Christmas, this cream's base is shea butter, which works as a barrier against the cold weather during this time of year or as immediate nourishment for hands that are drier. 
This is the perfect gift to reveal visibly moisturized hands!
Enjoy relaxing moments with the wonderful Jacarandá shower gel, which gently cleanses the skin while delighting the senses. The perfect gift to cleanse, calm the skin and leave an incredible scent.
Offer moments of well-being and relaxation in the bath with Benamôr's Jacaranda solid soap!

- UNDER 35€ - 

A lovely gift that, with just a few drops, gives a radiant, healthy and balanced skin. Surprise with care this Christmas!
This Christmas, offer our Gordíssimo Body Lotion to nourish the skin of your loved ones. It leaves the skin feeling extremely smooth after protecting and moisturizing it with organic shea butter.
With this gift set, every moment is a unique experience of well-being and irresistible softness. A perfect gift for anyone looking for irresistible softness and an enchanting scent.
A truly addictive citrus scent that protects and renews your skin. Surprise your loved ones with Alantoíne body cream!

- UNDER 55€ -

Turn Christmas into pure beauty magic! Our Revitalizing Facial Elixir is the ideal gift to fight the signs of ageing and uniform skin tone. Composed of Bakuchiol, this "star ingredient" is a powerful antioxidant that visibly reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles, while firming and brightening the skin.
Give someone you love the charm of the Botanical Garden! The Vervena revitalizing cologne and hand cream coffret is much more than a gift, it's a sensory experience that transports you to a fragrant, magical and enchanting oasis with its fresh and citrusy notes.
This Christmas choose to offer tradition and sophistication with Ginja Cologne. This fragrance is a delicious Portuguese experience that celebrates the unique essence of cherry and almond.

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