Benamôr was founded in 1925 in Lisbon by a mysterious apothecary who created miraculous ointments in his laboratory at Campo Grande nº189.
His handmade Beauty Recipes were based on unique perfumes and natural ingredients grown under the sun of Portugal : lemon, rose, aloe Vera or almond oil.
Packed in adorable Art Deco tubes, it was an instant hit, and all Lisbon Belles were addicts, including Queen Amélie herself.

Benamôr gave birth to some of Portugal’s cult beauty recipes, such as Créme de Rosto, the miracle face cream –which rose extract gives woman an instant glow- and remains unchanged until now. Alantoíne handcream and Bronzaline were also amongst its most sought after creations.

Today, Benamôr is still one of Portugal’s most beloved beauty brands spreading its delicious beauty recipes around the world.

Creation of Benamôr and our first formula, Créme de Rosto

Apothecaries at the Laboratory of Campo Grande, in Lisbon

Perfumaria “Benamôr” Rua Augusta 200, in Lisbon

Poudre de Riz Benamôr, the Ancestors of Foundations

Benamôr's famous Toothpast for gorgeous kisses and irresistible smiles

Eaux de Cologne Benamôr

Benamôr's factory at Campo Grande establishes itself as the factory of Benamôr's products

Petróleo, the very 1st anti hair-loss treatment in Portugal

Bronzaline, Portugal's 1sr solar protection cream!

ROUGE Benamôr, 1st blush in Portugal

Alantoíne, the miracle hand cream

Benamôr re-opens its own store in Lisbon and starts its international development

6 stores in Portugal. Present in 25 countries in the world

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