Benamôr x Laranjinha



This Holiday's, Laranjinha accepts Benamôr's challenge to celebrate orange!

Sharing the same values of quality, ecological footprint reduction, know-how, manufacturing in Portugal and tradition, both want to difference this Christmas.

Since 1981 Laranjinha has been producing baby and children's clothes, combining high quality and maximum comfort. The unique and authentic of its collections has crossed generations, combining the use of soft and natural soft and natural materials with innovation.

Laranjinha collection is named after orange, the delicious fruit brought by the Portuguese to Europe in the 16th century and also synonym of Portugal in many countries in the world.

In a collaboration that promotes love across all generations, 1% of sales of products in the Laranjinha collection will revert to A Avó Veio Trabalho between October 15th and December 31st. This is a cause that Benamôr has been pleased to help to celebrate universal beauty.



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