How to Build your Own Christmas Wreath


Christmas is almost here and everything changes in the street and in our house. Everything gains a different light, the smell in the street becomes more fragrant, as shop windows become colorful, and as our homes are filled with love and joy with the handcrafts to decorate our favorite spaces.

Do you enjoy crafts and would like to do something different and sustainable to decorate your home door, or make a colorful and scented centerpiece?

Based on our Laranjinha collection, we think that dried oranges and eucalyptus can be the ideal accessory for this Christmas. One way to make it sustainable is the material you have at home, and natural elements you can find lying on a mountain floor.

How to build your own Dried Orange Christmas Wreath?

Follow the step by step to build a fake wreath with natural elements like eucalyptus, dried oranges, and pine cones.

These are the materials you will need:

  • Pre-made greenery wreath - can be found at your local craft store
  • Pine cones - can be picked from a mountain, backyard, or forest near you, if you don't have them nearby, you can find them at your local craft store
  • Dry oranges
  • Dry Eucalyptus
  • Raffia Yarn
  • Hot glue gun
  • Baking paper
  • Floral wire

How to dry oranges?

Cut the oranges thinly
Place all the slices on a baking paper and bake at 200ºC for 3 hours.
Don't forget to flip all orange slices every 30-45 minutes until the oranges are dry.


How to make the wreath of Eucalyptus, Dried oranges, and Pine cones?

Start by placing the dry eucalyptus around the false wreath, fastening it to the top and sides of the wreath, with the floral wire, always removing the excess of the wire.

After the eucalyptus is firmly attached to the false wreath, start adding pine cones passing the floral wire in the middle, tying it to the wreath. If you want, you can always fix it with a little hot glue on the most critical parts.

Then, we finish our wreath with the dried oranges also glued with hot glue. Here you can place according to your personal taste. Once you've finished your wreath, place a beautiful satin or raffia ribbon to hang your Christmas Wreath.

We hope you like this idea, and that you use it to create your own Christmas decorations. Complement and perfume your home with our Laranjinha Candle to give a warm and christmas touch to your favorite space.

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