The Main Causes of Dry Skin


Dry skin has its own characteristics, such as itching, a whitish appearance, and even skin peeling. Although it is quite common, there are still many doubts about what can cause skin dryness and what treatments can be adapted and help improve its appearance.


What is dry skin and what are its characteristics?

In a simplified way, it can be said that dry skin is a type of skin that does not produce the ideal amount of oil to lubricate the region. In addition, there are internal or external factors that can cause dry skin, such as genetics, climate, hormonal changes, among others.


Characteristics of dry skin:

  • Skin appearance without luminosity
  • Whitish appearance
  • Flaky texture
  • Red spots
  • In more severe cases, chapped skin and wounds

Symptoms of dry skin:

  • Skin irritation
  • Sensation of tightness
  • Burning
  • Sensitivity


What are the main causes of dry skin?

The Environments - Adverse weather conditions - hot, cold and dry air; Seasonal changes - dry skin symptoms sometimes get worse during both winter and summer; Ultraviolet (UV) light; between others.

Poor skin care - Frequent washing and long, hot baths; an incorrect skin routine; products not suitable for the skin type or with aggressive formulas, etc. they can remove the lipids that make up the skin barrier and preserve its hydration.

Medication - Certain medications and medical treatments (such as radiation therapy, chemotherapy, or dialysis) and others are known as diuretics are known to cause dry skin as a side effect.

Poorly balanced diet - Lack of nutrients, fatty acids, and vitamins; insufficient water intake; smoke; drinking alcoholic beverages; too much coffee, etc.

Age & Hormonal Influences - Dry skin and aging are interrelated; Hormonal changes, such as pregnancy or menopause, can result in dry skin.

Genetic Influences - Some people are genetically predisposed and inherit a tendency for dry skin.


The treatments that may help with dry skin:

Proper and constant hydration of the skin and avoiding some of the aspects mentioned above will help to improve and regenerate your skin.

We always advise you to consult a specialist dermatologist to assess and maintain the balance of your skin. In addition, we must avoid all aspects of our routine that make us sick, which have been listed above. Avoid hot baths, bet on hydrating body soaps, lotions, and fatter creams.

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