What's a Multi-purpose Balm?



Moisturizing balms can be used on dry skin patches, lips, elbows, heels, and even hair. If you want to know more about Dry Skin causes, please read this blog post. 

Do you think it could be your next all-in-one beauty product? They can be used to soothe, hydrate, and smooth the skin, and often their use can be extended to more purposes. Depending on the balm, they can be good for treating lips, nails, hair, or even dry skin on your elbows and heels.


Our Miracle Multi-purpose Balm

The ultimate must-have for your skin!
A unique blend of 100% natural origin ingredients, carefully developed to nourish, repair & protect your skin, body, and hair. Four iconic ingredients from Benamôr combined in a balm with 100% ingredients of natural origin!

Meet our new Multi-purpose Balm here.

The 4 most iconic ingredients of the brand


Organic Rose Concentrate: rich in vitamins and antioxidants, its extremely soothing and hydrating.

Sweet Almond: acts as an emollient, leaving the skin extraordinarily soft and nourished; prevents aging and improves skin elasticity.

Shea Butter: protects, nourishes, hydrates and softens the skin.

Lavender Oil: repairs, soothes, hydrates and prevents skin aging.


What makes this product special?

Versatility - Countless benefits accumulated in a single product, the perfect ally for different moments of your life.

Naturalness - The first product with 100% natural ingredients.

Sustainability - A product only dermatologically tested, with 100% recyclable aluminum packaging.


A single product, more than 10 benefits

This balm can be used all over your body and hair, to deliver instant hydration and repair:

Extreme cold: deeply hydrates, helps repairs and gently protects skin;

Stretch marks: helps prevent and improve the appearance of stretch marks over time and reduce the risk of developing them in the future;

Sunburns: provides quick relief, deeply moisturizes, reduces discomfort and inflammation;

Dull hair: adds natural shine and softness.


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