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What Clean Beauty Means?

Clean Beauty refers to beauty products that are clean of harmful ingredients. This means that beauty brands favor natural ingredients on the whole formulas but still may use synthetic ingredients that have been deemed safe for consumers. That's why we are able to only test our products dermatologically.

At Benamôr we use a high percentage of natural ingredients in our formulas, whether it's a shower gel you use every day, a face cream to keep your skin glowing, or a lip balm reserve for when you want to look and feel your prettiest.

Also, Clean Beauty means that all brands have the same concern connected to the environment in order to contribute to the green footprint, so they look for sustainable activities, packaging, ingredients, partnerships, suppliers, and so on.

Why Clean Beauty Matters to us?

At Benamôr, we have created our own standards over the years, so since 1925, we have in mind that all our products need to contain the maximum of natural ingredients as possible.

Our dermatologically tested, natural, and cruelty-free formulas are also free of any mineral oil or petroleum derivés, and their freshness is guaranteed with the minimum of conservative possible without any paraben. To protect our planet, our company philosophy has remained the same since its foundation in 1925: A huge commitment to the environment, reducing energy consumption, and promoting sustainable beauty recipes through packaging recycling.

Our aluminum tubes are 100% recyclable and 40% recycled produced in
Portugal with the limited impact of transport on environment filled & packed
handmade to guarantee container’s quality.

So, you can see in our own beauty lines (skincare, haircare, and body care) and packaging that we are all about Clean Beauty. We look to scientific studies as we make our decisions about which ingredients we can live with and which we can't, and we rely on our laboratory experts to give you the best clean beauty products.

Do we love luxurious, incredible-smelling, and super nourishing beauty products? Yes, we do - and we make them, sell them and write about them. So you can find all the information about each product on our website.

Where to buy clean beauty products?

You can visit our website and meet all our collections filled with luxurious fragrances, beautiful packaging, and nourishing beauty products. We make every product safe enough for our children, luxurious enough for those of us who love a delightful indulgence, and powerful enough to make you feel and look incredible.

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