Benamôr x Sociedade Ponto Verde


Since 1925, we have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to sustainability by prioritizing recyclable materials, focusing on local ingredients, and being the first brand to introduce the Refill system in our stores.

Now, we want to take another step in our commitment to sustainability and at a time of intense consumerism, Benamôr teamed up with Sociedade Ponto Verde to explain the correct separation and recycling of its packaging and to appeal for more conscious consumption.
The aim now is to inform and answer the questions of those who already practise waste separation, in order to encourage more and more people to practise a process that is correct and clear for everyone!

Find out how to separate and recycle our packagings in detail by consulting the infographic bellow or go to the respective product page to access the  instructions.


Join us on this mission! 💚 






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